Accessories with Jewellery


Fashion can do a lot for your appearance, but so can jewellery. ChrisElli is one of the shops that can provide you with some jewellery to accessorise your outfit. But there are so many pieces of jewellery to chose from that you might not know what to choose. What kind of jewellery is available? When do you wear what kind of jewellery or other fashion accessories? Can you wear multiple pieces of jewellery at the same time? How do you combine several pieces of jewellery? And how do they attribute to your look? The answers to these questions are not always clear. Therefore, we would like to tell you more about the subject. Maybe we’ll be able to give you some ideas that you can keep in mind when you make your next trip to a jewellery provider.


A Bracelet on Your Arm
There are several types of bracelets. Some of them are thick and made of leather while others are thin and made of gold, silver or some other metal. If you wear a long sleeve shirt, we do not recommend a bracelet. There are even some sets that consist of a variety of bracelets. If you’d like a guideline, we can say that the thickness of the bracelet depends on the length of your sleeves. The longer your sleeve, the thinner a bracelet should be. Of course, you can wear short sleeves and a thin bracelet, but long sleeves and a thick bracelet or a multitude of bracelets does not go well together.


The Right Pair of Earrings
There is an even wider variety of earrings. You can choose small stud earrings, drop earrings, small rings and long rings. As with bracelets, the length of the drop earrings should depend on a couple of things. The cleavage of your shirt or dress is one of them. The aspect to consider is the way you wear your hair. If you wear your hair up, the earrings are more visible.


A Decent Necklace
Again, there are various kinds of necklaces. They differ in length of the necklace, the thickness of the chain, etc. Some necklaces have a pendant while others only have one or a few chains. And again, the type of necklace you choose depends on your clothes. But it also depends on the other jewellery you add to your outfit. One single necklace can stand out while it should be modest when other pieces of jewellery are involved.


A Nice Watch
It’ll not be the first thing you think of when you search for jewellery, but many shops consider both analogue watches and digital watches a real piece of jewellery. It is true that watches can be a real piece of art. And some of them can do more than tell you the time. Field watches can show you the exact second, dive watches keep track of the altitude and Chronograph watches or Aviator watches can do a multitude of things. Some watches include a stopwatch or an alarm. So a watch is not only pretty but also useful.

So now you’ll have some ideas for nice jewellery that suit your outfit. Just don’t forget that sometimes less is more and jewellery tends to draw attention to itself. You should rather choose one or two well-placed accessories than a whole lot of them.

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